Year 6 Dinner ~ Reflection and Comparison

Hi all,

Year 6 Dinner~ Reflection and Comparison

The Year 6 dinner was a dinner that celebrated the end of Year 6 2014 and the journey into high school. It helps us to graduate and talk to parents, teachers and peers. It was on the 25.11.14. Every girl in year 6 went to the dinner with her parent(s). There were Year 9 girls who were being waitresses and some men in black who were the chefs/waiters. Many of the teachers were there to support us and to have a fun night. We had a time to talk to others before we went in, and we were served entrée. Then the teachers, headmistresses and school and vice-captain gave speeches. After, we started dancing and then we had to give our parents letters and there were many tears. Then we started dancing! We had a great time moving to the music. There was a DJ and a photo booth, where we had the opportunity to dress up!

There were many positives about the event, which include the theme, dancing, the records and the photo booth. The theme really helped us have a great night. It was: “Dance like no one is watching.” Which is one of our themes for the year. The phrase means that we should be ourselves, be brave, live life to the fullest, take opportunities and to have fun. All of these things are going to help us when we move into high school next year. We had so much fun dancing to the music. The DJ had many great aspects. One of them were the bubbles, they really made it fun while we were trying to pop them. Another one were the glow sticks, they are just fun to have! The records that were on the tables really made us remember everyone. All the girls and teachers were signing the records so they are really memorable to all of us. Last but not least, the photo booth. This was really fun because we had the opportunity to dress up and pull faces. We were in front of a sparkly screen and next to the screen was a box of dress up clothes. We all went crazy with the accessories and it was definitely a highlight. Also, the night ran very smoothly and there were no issues in the timetable.

There were I few things that I believe could be improved. These include the food, the timing, the speeches and the arrangements. Firstly, all the girls were told that the first course that we had was entrée. This means that we didn’t have much food, but also, there wasn’t much food set out for us. I felt really hungry throughout the night and only when the parents got a main course did I realise that we were not going to receive any more food. It is noticed that there was always the chance that girls would waste the food, but is giving us more food a risk that we should take? When we had finished entrée, we all went and danced. About 20 minutes later, Mrs Vaughan had to beckon us all to sit down again and for us to listen to speeches. I felt that this kind of made us feel more of an urge to dance to the music more. As well as this, the speeches went on for quite a while. I felt as if they dragged on in some way. Also, I feel that the maths displays could have been moved towards the podium a little more. This means that it would be a little bit easier to notice and realise.

Overall, I believe that the night was very successful. I felt that even though the night had to end, everyone had an amazing time. A big thank you to all of the teachers for planning the party and for coming and celebrating with us. It was definitely a great way to congratulate, celebrate, and graduate Year 6.

Gabi C xx


The Fourteenth Goldfish


This term we have been reading the book “The Fourteenth Goldfish.” It has been a great read :). The Fourteenth Goldfish was about a girl named Ellie, who’s grandfather has cured aging… Read the rest to find  out!

Anyway, as we have finished the book, we have been required to write a reflection, so here it is:


Which theme do you think is the most important and why?

I believe that the theme of “Embracing the Possibilities” and “Finding your Passion.”

Embracing the possibilities means that you will make the most of every moment and living life to the fullest. You can make use of your passion by taking every opportunity. Your life will reach its peak. This is important because you will succeed in life and it will help you in later years.

Passion will help you drive to improve and strive to succeed. This is important because it will make life much easier. And when you complete something you have a sense of achievement and enjoyment. It also makes you invest and engage in something, as well as investigate about it.

Who was your favourite character and why?

Throughout the course of the book, I have come to decide that Ellie’s mum is my favourite character. This is because she expresses her feelings as well as showing her passion. She also has lots of dramatic feelings. Often enough, she changes her mind all the time and it is very funny.

What is the main message of the book?

The main message of the book is to believe in the possibilities in life and to think about the future and to focus on the good things in life. This moral has many meanings as you will find yourself in a bad position if you focus on the failures in life.

Gabi C xx

Decorations and Entertainment

Hi All,

We are nearly coming to an end of our term and party planning! I can’t believe it at all. This week we have been tasked with creating a post about our Decorations and Entertainment. As my party is themed as the 80’s, I will have many things going on during the night. Here are a list of both:


  • Streamers
  • Party Poppers
  • Balloons
  • Red Carpet


  • DJ
  • Fairy Floss Machine
  • Photobooth
  • Arcade Games

Here are some photos of them:


Party Poppers

Party Poppers





Red Carpet

Red Carpet





Fairy Floss Machine

Fairy Floss Machine



Arcade Game

Arcade Game

How I will look to decorate them:

Party Poppers: Handing them out at the end for everyone to do at once.

Balloons: Eight on each table (as their are 8 people per table) with a weight

Streamers: They will be hung along the railing of the hall.

Red Carpet: Straight down the middle as a dance floor

DJ: Up on the podium so he/she has enough space

Fairy Floss: Placed right in front of the storerooms

Photo Booth: Up on the top right hand corner at the bottom of the podium

Arcade Games: In the two corners left.

This is all for this week- but it might be edited (I made add in a 3D model of my tables 🙂 )

Gabi xx

Excel Spreadsheet

Dear Readers,

As a part of our Maths Unit, we have to create an excel spreadsheet which shows the costing of our food, drinks, dessert, entertainment and decorations. I am having finger food in my party, so I am not spending that much money on food for adults nor kids. This means that I have the opportunity to have costly entertainment, which will make you keep your dancing shoes on for the whole night! Here is a capture of my spreadsheet, it is the food for the children:

Excel Capture


The costing is an extremely important part of the Party Planning. This is because we organize our party from it. I have found that excel is very helpful as it does a majority of the maths for you. It is also very easy to organize the answers and to see clearly what you are doing.

I really recommend using excel as it is very helpful when you are doing some complicated maths!

Gabi xx

Party Planning

Dear Readers,

As you already know, I am planning a Year 6 party. During the course of this week, we have been doing a floor plan of the School Hall.  It had to be a drawing to scale. We had to include measurements, where the tables are and reasoning. This will help us to set out the area and make our party clear as mud. Here is a photo of my scale drawing:


I have arranged my tables like this because everyone can see the dance floor and there will be even amounts of space and tables on each side. The amount of people on each table (eight) have been put per table because it allows even numbers of tables and everyone can have enough space. There is not enough space for there to be more tables and if the tables are any bigger there will be no space for moving.

Gabi xx

Year 6 Party!

Hi everyone,

Year 6 has been given a task that involves us creating the perfect Year 6 party. It means that we have to create our own theme, menu, decorations, cost and we also have a budget.

The budget is $30 per person and there are 162 people. So we have a budget of $4850. All of this is “fake” so we aren’t actually doing the party ideas but we have to plan the whole party out.

Here are some ideas I have already:


  • 80’s

Kids Menu Ideas

  • ~ Party Pies
  • ~ Sausage Rolls
  • ~ Vegetable Platters
  • ~ Fruit Skewers/Platters
  • ~ Bowls of chips
  • ~ Sandwiches

Adults Menu Ideas

  • ~ Cheese and Crackers/ Dip
  • ~ Vegetable Platters
  • ~ Fruit Skewers/Platters
  • ~ Keishes
  • ~ Sandwiches

Kids Drinks Ideas

  • ~ Mint Berry Punch

Adults Drinks Ideas

  • ~ Mint Berry Punch

Kids Dessert Ideas

  • Chocolate fountain
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy buffet

Adults Dessert Ideas

  • Chocolate fountain


Watch this space for more on my Maths 80’s Party!

Gabi xx







Student Blogging Challenge

Dear Readers

A Cinquain:



The Beach

Dusk even Dawn

Tranquil and Relaxing

It is the perfect place to sit

And think

A Short Story:                                                      snow alpes

Skiing is my favourite sport. Always has been, always will be. I want to become one of Switzerland’s best skier’s ever. Representing my country in my favourite sport would be a dream come true. But right now I have to focus on what’s right in front of me. The Junior Skiing Championships. I am entering with my best friend Megan. We have been best friends for as long as I can remember.

‘Jess, JESS!!!’ She calls to me from afar. It us dawn and I am sitting on the snow Alps.

‘The competition is tomorrow and we need to get training so we get the afternoon off.’ I sigh. All of our school friends play snowball fights all day, while we are out training for the big day.

‘OK.’ I reply, ‘But only if we can go snowball fighting with the others after.’ Megan agreed.


I am so nervous. Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting my entire life for. My races are at 9:00 am, 11:30 am and 2:30 pm.


It is 5:00 am and I am already awake, so I go next door and see if Megan is awake. I hear I voice from outside the door‘My main competition is Jess and I want her to do badly so I can get into the State Cup team. Only one from each age group can get inThis statement shocks the life out of me. I storm into her room and there she is, standing with Sophie and I say in a mad but sad voice: ‘I thought we were best friends. Best friends don’t treat each other like that. I don’t respect nor appreciate people who treat me like I am gum under their shoe.’

She seems saddened at my comment. I feel like her greed and competitiveness has taken over her. Before I turn away, I could just see the guilt in her eyes.

What happens next? Comment what you think will happen…


Here is a sentence from pictures. Can you guess what it is?


Gabi xx

What is inside the Earth?

Dear Readers,

In class we are learning about what is inside the Earth. We made models out of Plasticine and some turned out well and others not. We had to make a presentation, our Plasticine model and information Here are two photos of my presentation:

webcam-toy-photo11 webcam-toy-photo13


Overall, it was a great experience and I hope that I can use Plasticine again!

Gabi xx

Overseas Blogs and 13

Hi Readers,

I have looked at lots of blogs overseas for the Student Blogging Challenge, and I chose one which I really liked. It was . I thought that it was really well set out and her posts were all quite detailed. She posts quite regularly and is from USA. Good Job Ally, your blog is awesome!
I also have 13 different ways to say 13. I chose odd languages that you might not have heard of. If you want to know where they speak the languages, just ask! I will reply as soon as possible.

Language 13


Maltese Trettax


Romanian Treisprezece


Turkish Onüç
Estonian Kolmteist
Swahili Kumi na tatu
Indonesian Tiga belas
Zulu Nantathu
Bosnian Triaest
Javanese Telulas
Galician Trece
Basque Namahiru
Hmong Kaum peb

Gabi xx